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  Ten ways to improve your Website Credibility


Credibility matters. Your website is the only connection your prospects have to you. As they don’t know you at this stage, they also don’t know if you are trustworthy. They are not sure if the content on you site is believable or that you are a trustworthy source of the information shown on your website. Yet, when you can establish that you’re a credible company and resource, then you’re set. Why? Because people buy from companies they trust. They recommend them to others and they become loyal customers and visitors.


#1 Facts and data – Demonstrate your credibility by backing up the claims you make with hard evidence. Cite statistics and data that support your statements.


#2 Let your customers do the talking – Testimonials, reviews and endorsements go a long way toward convincing others of your credibility. In addition to strategically placing testimonials, reviews and endorsements on your landing page, great online reviews about your business is gold in today’s marketplace with so much competition around, as most new customers will do a quick research on Google My Business or Facebook before making a purchasing decision. If your customer’s or client’s are happy with your products or services, don’t be afraid to ask for a review to help promote your business as most are more than happy to oblige and help the businesses that they see are striving to improve.

Google My Business reviews


#3 Simple navigation – If a website is confusing to navigate we tend not to trust the source. However, if your website is streamlined and designed to enhance the visitor’s experience, then prospects can tell you have put them first.


#4 Clean look – Have you ever landed on a web page that was so cluttered you didn’t know which way to turn? These pages are often littered with advertisements. It seems the only goal is to get you to click on something so they can earn a nickel in PPC revenue. Make sure your website doesn’t give off this vibe, even if your primary source of income is PPC. There are better ways to earn the trust of your prospects and thus earn a click.


#5 Quality information – One of the best ways to earn a reputation for credibility is to consistently provide quality content. Share information that matters to your prospects and visitors. Show them why they can trust you. Be a source of information about your product or service.


#6 Quality companies – Represent or endorse companies that make you proud. Add the Logos of influential or well known suppliers that you deal with on your site. Whether it’s an affiliate relationship, a partnership or you’re simply trying to provide a benefit, make sure you’re sending customers and prospects to websites and companies that you respect.


#7 Organizations and affiliations – Join organizations that have earned credibility and respect. For example, become a member of the Chamber of Commerce. When visitors see logos and know you’re a member of a reputable organization, you earn credibility.

Nambour Chamber of Commerce Logo


#8 Win awards – Awards provide instant credibility. Find awards in your industry to apply for and make sure to post any wins and logos on your website.


#9 Contact information – Make sure that your contact information is easy to find. In fact, consider placing it in the footer of every web page. Then also create a separate contact information page. IF a prospect or visitor cannot contact you, they’ll wonder why you’re hiding.


#10 Policies and procedures – State your policies and procedures up front. Make sure your statements are easy to find. Communicate your policies whenever appropriate. For example, mention your privacy policy and link to it when people sign up for your email list. Include a page or link on your site where visitors can find your policies. Consider a privacy policy and a guarantee or return policy if you sell products. Guarantees provide a definite trust factor for new customers.


Finally, make it easy for visitors to find the answers to their questions. Provide a FAQ page and a contact form or customer service system. Being completely transparent and up-front about your business, will not only earn you credibility but is also bound to result in extra sales.


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